Have you ever been alone in a Crowded Room?

I may be young, but I have an old soul; well, that's what I've been told. Fame and fortune have never been my goals; I only want to change the world. I want to turn a world of hate into one of love and simple understanding, my only problem being the 'how'. How could I make such a massive change in such an oppressively small, monotonous town? It seemed almost impossible. Then I realized that, as they say, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep.' One of the cornier quotes, I know, but it has some validity. So here I am, starting this blog, taking the first footstep through words, pictures, and discussion; let the journey begin.

Slip on your Gap jeans, your Nike T-shirt, your Reeboks - or even your Cons if you think that makes you cool and ironic in a Kurt Cobain kind of way. Grab your Adidas backpack, ride to school on your Razor, drink your Poland Spring, eat your PowerBar, write a paper on your iMac, slip on you Ralph Lauren windbreaker. Buy the latest CD from Tower, check the caller ID to see who’s on the phone, eat your Doritos, drink your Coke. Stare at the TV till you’re stupefied.
Is there an time of the day when we’re not being used and abused by the advertising companies? Can we have an inch of free space, do you mind? Some ambitious kids rent their head space - the outside, not the inside (although the inside space is certainly emptier) - to local companies by shaving ads into their hair for all their friends to see. It’s just a matter of time before corporations figure out a way to sell you stuff while you’re sleeping. Maybe some kind of vitamin that releases visual and sonic enzymes that run like a ticker tape through your dreams - ALL THE LATEST RELEASES NOW AT BLOCKBUSTER … CHEESIER NACHOS AT CHILI’S … BY THE WAY, YOU’RE SNORING ….
Am I the only one who sees the irony of sitting in lit class reading 1984, having a discussion of Big Brother watching out for us like it’s some time way in the future? Some science fiction nightmare that’s never really going to happen? Hel-lo? Our lives couldn’t be more dictated by the corporations if they gave our schools A/V equipment in exchange for making us watch commercials in class.
Oh yeah, they do that already.
Never mind.

—Sermon #23 - The Gospel According to Larry.

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